In our highly competitive world, speed and accuracy when checking insurance eligibility is of the utmost essence. Health insurance is changing right before our eyes and we must have the right tools to not just keep up, but to succeed.  SEEK provides you with the competitive advantage right at your fingertips!  A few key strokes with our software / service and you have no down time between verification request and response.

SEEK simplifies a time consuming, and often confusing process by allowing your staff to check a patient's Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross or Commercial coverage from a single point without having to log into the different payer sites. Information that is vital to nursing homes is extracted from the payer's eligibility response and presented to the SEEKer in a simple and easy to understand format with all the information presented on a single screen.

SEEK is available in all states and for all payers that have real time eligibility checking.

SEEK is comprised of multiple components:
 1. Real time eligibility checking - is available for ALL payers, Medicare Medicaid, Blue Cross and commercial from SEEK's web page.  The web page has a very simple and easy to use interface that requires the minimal amount of data entry. For those users / facilities that prefer the Windows desktop environment SEEK can be installed as a Windows application as well.

2. Nursing home centric response screen - the response screen generated for both platforms has all the critical information about the patient that is required by the nursing home staff on a single page in a very easy to read and understand format.

3. Batch eligibility checking - the ability to check the current status of all patients in a batch mode is available from the Windows desktop, web page or via FTP. This ensures that you are aware of a patients insurance on a continuing basis and not finding out about a change after the fact. Some states return the patient responsibility amount (NAMI) which is included in the response spreadsheet.

4. Comparison program - a field by field comparison of the current results with previous results to identify the eligibility changes without having to review the entire file each time the batch results are returned. This allows the staff to zero in and concentrate on the patients that need to be updated.

SEEK Real Time eligibility checking web page

The SEEK web page has several different options:

  • Check Eligibility - allows a user to request an eligibility check on a patient with the minimal amount of information being entered. The response screen has all the critical financial information, be it from Medicare, Medicaid or commercial payers, that a facility requires in order to make a determination whether to accept the patient or not.

  • Batch Eligibility - this option allows a facility to create a spreadsheet, or a  similar file with their resident information and have SEEK create a batch 270 eligibility file which can be transmitted to the state Medicaid web site for processing. Once the 271 response file is downloaded from the state Medicaid site it is then transferred to SEEK which processes the 271 file and creates a spreadsheet with all the pertinent  information about the patients. After creating the spreadsheet the user also has the option of having SEEK do a field by field comparison with a previous response spreadsheet.

  • Referral Eligibility - this option gives the user the ability to save a referral from Allscripts or naviHealth and have SEEK scan the PDF and extract the patient and policy information and populate the SEEK eligibility screen for checking all the insurance payers in the referral without having to re-enter any of the information. 

  • FTP Manager - for those clients that have the Batch eligibility checking option, they can use SEEK's FTP manager instead of having to download an FTP client, configuring it, and remembering the password each time they change computers. It provides the users with the ability to upload the spreadsheet for SEEK to process and download the response spreadsheet from the SEEK FTP server.

  • Past Inquiries - a user can review all previous eligibility requests and request a new eligibility check without re-entering the patient information. The eligibility re-check can be done with the original date or with the current date.

  • Account - this function allow the user to change their password and or e-mail.